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14K Yellow Gold Endless Nose Hoop Ring with Sleeve - 22g

14K Yellow Gold Endless Nose Hoop Ring with Sleeve - 22g

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This endless nose hoop ring is crafted completely of 14-karat yellow gold. It is not plated or gold filled. The yellow gold is lightweight for comfortable wear and lustrous for a fashionable look. In additional, gold is free of most allergens and can be gentle to sensitive skin.

This nose hoop measures 22g (0.60mm) and features an endless design with a sleeve to hide the ends of the hoop. The sleeve also creates a safe closure for the nose ring. To open, simply pull one end of the hoop to loosen the post to insert into your piercing, then slip the post back into the sleeve for a secure closure.

This hoop measures 22 gauge (0.60 mm) thick. The hoop is available in 3 different diameters
8 mm - 5/16" diameter
10 mm - 3/8" diameter
12 mm - 1/2" diameter

This hoop is perfect for a nostril piercing but can be used for any piercing that requires a 22g hoop. This includes tragus, helix, rook, septum, daith, conch, eyebrow, navel, hood, and many other piercings.

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